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DYCOMS-II Field Campaign

GCSS LES Intercomparison Based on Flight RF02

The files contain statistics describing large-eddy simulations performed for the 9th GCSS Boundary Layer Working Group intercomparison study. For this study, simulations were initialized and forced with data collected from the second research flight (RF02) of the DYCOMS-II field experiment. In all, 14 simulations from 11 different groups were analyzed in detail. Output statistics, both in terms of time-series of scalar statistics, and vertical profiles for each half hour of the six hour simulations, are provided for each participating model on its native grid. The output statistics in these files formed the basis of the analysis in a manuscript recently submitted to Monthly Weather Review entitled: "Large-eddy simulations a drizzling, stratocumulus-topped marine boundary layer" by Andrew Ackerman and 17 co-authors. The specifications for the intercomparison and plots of model output are here.

The GCSS RF02-LES intercomparison results are available in two netCDF files:

  • time series
  • profiles
  • A FORTRAN-90 program that demonstrates reading the output files and using the data is provided (read_netcdf.f90), as is a text file that provides further details.

    DYCOMS-II Field Campaign