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GCSS RF01-LES Intercomparison

The files contain statistics describing large eddy simulations performed as part of the eight GCSS boundary layer working group intercomparison study. For this study large-eddy simulations were initialized and forced with data collected from the first research flight (RF01) of the DYCOMS-II field experiment. In all 16 simulations from 10 different groups were analyzed in detail. Detailed output statistics, both in terms of time-series of scalar statistics, and vertical profiles for each half hour of the four hour simulations are provided for each participating model on its native grid. Simulation statistics are also summarized in a single file. Here the statistics from the ensemble of models is interpolated to a common grid and there summarized in terms of the median, interquartile spread, standard deviation, ensemble max and min. The statistics in these files formed the basis of the analysis in a recent paper entitled: "Evaluation of Large-Eddy Simulations via Observations of Nocturnal Marine Stratocumulus" by Stevens and co-authors, Monthly Weather Review, 2005 (in press).

The figure below is a reproduction of Fig. 5 of Stevens et al., constructed using summary file information and showing the buoyancy flux and vertical velocity statistics averaged over the fourth hour of the simulations. Green shows the range of simulations with blue demarcating the interquartile spread, and the black line the mean. Markers indicate estimates of vertical velocity second and third moments from in situ (solid-bar) and radar (circle-dot) sensors.

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For the UCLA group, individual simulations exist for selected variables.
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Note that UCLA-0 and UCLA-1 individual simulations exist for selected variables only and those results will be added to the plots when available.

You may download all GCSS RF01-LES Intercomparison results in one netCDF data file.

See the README file for details.

DYCOMS-II Field Campaign