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GEWEX Cloud System Study: Working Group 3

What's New?

August 12/98 - Photo of the attendees, and Workshop Report from the GCSS WG3 Workshop#4 is now available.

January 28/97 - Numerous updates made to many sections. Abstracts for PUBLICATIONS added. GCSS WG3 Activities Map updated.

September 12/96 - Numerous updates made to OBJECTIVE AND PHILOSOPHY OF WORKING GROUP, and WORKSHOPS sections, and Proceedings and Conference & Workshop Articles lists.

March 25/96 - Locations and Contacts for the participating Cloud Profiling Radars added. As well, a link has been made to the ISCCP validation dataset for the First Case data in the Comprehensive Datasets section.

March 24/96 - Additions/Updates made to the Publications list.

March 18/96 - Link to the First Case data added to the Comprehensive Datasets section.

February 19/96 - Cloud Layering section added.

February 16/96 - Link to the SALPEX home page added to the Contributing Field Experiments section.

February 07/96 - A summary of observations and activities related to WG3 during SALPEX have been added to the Contributing Field Experiments section.

January 12/96 - FASTEX contribution to the Contributing Field Experiments section and a summary of observations and activities related to WG3 during FASTEX have been added.

January 11/96 - Updates made to the Column Models and Large Scale Effects sections.

January 05/96 - Publications, Contributing Field Experiments and Workshop #3 sections added.

January 04/96 - WCRP Report on Workshop#2 has been improved.

December 19/95 - Critical Needed Actions and Comprehensive Datasets sections added. As well online comments & suggestions are now available in many sections.

December 18/95 - 1995 Annual Report updated.

December 07/95 - Map of Working Group Activities and 1995 Annual Report added.

December 05/95 - Added Orographic Effects section.

November 28/95 - Added Column Models section.

November 28/95 - Additional section C. and D. added to Large Scale Effects section.

November 08/95 - Modifications made to the WCRP Report and Cloud Systems Cases sections.

November 07/95 - Draft Summary and Conclusions section of the WCRP report on the GISS Workshop added.

November 07/95 - Several new entries in the Table of Contents added.

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