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TWP-ICE Field Campaign

Model Initialization Data

One of the most complete data sets of tropical cirrus and convection observations resulted from the Tropical Warm Pool - International Cloud Experiment (TWP-ICE) in the area around Darwin, Australia. The aim of the experiment is to examine convective cloud systems from their initial stages through the decaying and thin high level cirrus and measure their impact on the environment. The experiment design includes an unprecedented array of soundings and other information to support cloud resolving and other modeling studies as well as a large range of in-situ and remotely sensed observation platforms.

A key component of the field campaign is a fleet of aircraft including the Dornier, Dimona, Egrett, Twin Otter, and Proteus. Together, these aircraft collected measurements of cloud properties and the meteorological environment from the planetary boundary layer up to 15 km high. The extensive ground network of cloud sensing radar, lidar and passive instruments are located on a ship and several ground sites throughout the experimental domain.

This case study presents data from 19 Jan 2006 to 28 Feb 2006 and covers a region from 25S to 10S latitude and from 125E to 140E longitude.

6-hourly NCEP Reanalysis data are available here for certain pressure level, surface, and surface flux variables.

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TWP-ICE Field Campaign