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SHEBA Field Campaign

Model Initialization Data

SHEBA is a coordinated project to investigate the role of arctic climate in global change. The primary goals of SHEBA are:

  1. To determine the ocean-ice-atmosphere processes that control the surface albedo and cloud-radiation feedback mechanisms over arctic pack ice, and to use this information to demonstrably improve models of arctic ocean-atmosphere-ice interactive processes,
  2. To develop and implement models that improve the simulation of the present day arctic climate, including its variability, utilizing coupled global climate models

This case study presents data from 1 May 1998 to 31 July 1998 and covers a region from 65N to 90N latitude and from 180W to 120W longitude.

6-hourly NCEP Reanalysis data are available here for certain pressure level, surface, and surface flux variables.

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SHEBA Field Campaign