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CROSS-PAC 99 Field Campaign

Large Scale Observations

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The project EUROCS aims to improve the treatment of cloud systems in global and regional climate models. In addition, benefits will be also gained for hydrology and severe weather issues. Clouds probably remain the largest source of uncertainty affecting evaluations of climate change in response to anthropogenic change. The recent interest to develop capability to predict regional changes of climate, stress also the importance to better represent clouds in models. Towards this aim, EUROCS is examining two cross-sections in the north Pacific.

This case study presents data from 1 Dec 1998 to 28 Feb 1999 and covers a region from 5.0S to 40.0N latitude and from 170.0E to 240.0E longitude.

Gridded Data


SSM/I Daily Data Product

TOVS Atmosphere Gridded Data Product

GPCP 1-Degree Daily Precipitation Data

NCEP Reanalysis

Cross-section PCTAU Plots

Point Data

Rawinsonde Observations

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