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MIRAI Cruise MR02-K05 Field Campaign

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The Mirai cruise MR02-K05 (leg1) was part of the joint observation oriented project called JWACS (Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies) whose goal is to prepare for global change and to reduce uncertainties in forecasting by achieving substantial improvements in the fundamental understanding of processes controlling variability in Arctic climate systems, specifically of shelf/basin interactions; and inter-basin forcing of ice and water properties of land/ocean exchanges.
The main focus of the Mirai cruise MR02-K05 was to study the shelf-basin interaction processes by conducting sampling surveys of basin scale ocean circulation, carbonate chemistry, Paleo oceanography and geology, and atmospheric science observations.

This case study presents data from 25 Aug 2002 to 10 Oct 2002 and covers a region from 40N to 80N latitude and from 130E to 120W longitude.

For more information visit the MIRAI Cruise MR02-K05 Home Page.

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