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MIRAI Cruise MR01-K02 Field Campaign

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Research on the Subtropical Gyre and the Subpolar Gyre in the North Pacific Ocean was taken place aboard the Mirai Cruise MR01-K02.
The Kuroshio in the western North Pacific is called as the Kuroshio Extension and forms the clear northern boundary of the sub-tropical gyre. The Kuroshio Extension is active and generates cold and warm eddies very frequently. There is a large possibility that these eddies play an important role in the meridional exchange of heat and freshwater across the Kuroshio Extension. But there has been no study to evaluate the role of these eddies. MR01-K02 was planned as one of activities to clarify the physical and dynamical structure of eddies along the Kuroshio Extension. In addition to the physical oceanographic research MR01-K02 was carried out as the joint cruise of variety of adopted subjects, such as the ocean lidar, sediments, and aerosol.

This case study presents data from 14 May 2001 to 28 May 2001 and covers a region from 20N to 50N latitude and from 135E to 155E longitude.

For more information visit the MIRAI Cruise MR01-K02 Home Page.

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