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GPCI Field Campaign

Model Initialization Data

The goal of GEWEX/WGNE Pacific Cross-section Intercomparison (GPCI) is to evaluate climate and weather prediction models in the tropics and sub-tropics, making use of satellite observations. The focus will be on the physics of climate models, including clouds, turbulence, convection and radiation. Models and observations are analyzed along a Pacific Cross-section from the stratocumulus regions off the coast of California, across the shallow cumulus areas, to the deep convection regions of the ITCZ.

This case study presents data from 1 June 2003 to 31 Aug 2003 and covers a region from 5.0S to 45.0N latitude and from 160.0E to 240.0E longitude.

6-hourly NCEP Reanalysis data are available here for certain pressure level, surface, and surface flux variables.

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GPCI Field Campaign