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CRYSTAL-FACE Field Campaign

Model Initialization Data

CRYSTAL-FACE is a measurement campaign designed to investigate tropical cirrus cloud physical properties and formation processes in the Florida region. Several aircraft and ground-based Doppler radar will be used for in situ and remote sensing of aerosols, ice crystals, meteorological fields, radiative fluxes, and gas concentrations. Understanding the production of upper tropospheric cirrus clouds and evaluating the sensitivity of cirrus anvils to their generating convective systems is essential for the successful modeling of the Earth's climate.

This case study presents data from 1 July 2002 to 31 July 2002 and covers a region from 10N to 30N latitude and from 92W to 74W longitude.

6-hourly NCEP Reanalysis data are available here for certain pressure level, surface, and surface flux variables.

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CRYSTAL-FACE Field Campaign