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BBC2 Field Campaign

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From May 3rd till May 24th 2003, the intensive (cloud) measurement campaign "BBC2" was held at Cabauw, the Netherlands. The BBC2 campaign was jointly organized by the University of Bonn and KNMI. The University of Bonn is coordinator of the German 4DCLOUDS-project, KNMI is coordinator of the Cabauw atmospheric research observatory and member of the Dutch CESAR consortium. Beside these two research groups a number of other institutes has joint individually, in total some 100 scientists from 20 institutes participated. As most objectives and many participants are the same as those of the Baltex Bridge Campaign (BBC) in August-September 2001 (organized in the framework of CLIWA-NET and 4DCLOUDS), the campaign has been named BBC2. Although the focus of the campaign is on clouds and radiation, other subjects of research are of interest like turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer and small scale structure of rainfall.

This case study presents data from 3 May 2003 to 24 May 2003 and covers a region from 40N to 75N latitude and from 5W to 40E longitude.

For more information visit the BBC2 Home Page.

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