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ARM-1997 SGP IOP Field Campaign

Large Scale Observations

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The Summer 1997 SCM IOP was scheduled with the SGP97 Campaign. With additional NASA funding, the IOP was extended so that the total IOP covered 30 days. This IOP was been chosen for a model intercomparison of Single-Column Models (SCMs) and Cloud-Resolving Models (CRMs) conducted jointly by ARM and the GEWEX Cloud System Study (GCSS). In addition, this IOP was chosen for ARM/GCSS case study since it was convectively driven, and the period contained a wide range of summertime weather conditions. The period was characterized by three distinct weather segments: (1) the first segment was dominated by local convection and frequent, heavy precipitation; (2) the next segment was generally clear and hot; (3) the last segment was affected by a large, convective complex with sustained precipitation.

This case study presents data from 18 June 1997 to 18 July 1997 and covers a region from 25N to 45N latitude and from 120W to 80W longitude.

Gridded Data


SSM/I Daily Data Product

TOVS Atmosphere Gridded Data Product

GPCP 1-Degree Daily Precipitation Data

NCEP Reanalysis

Radiative Flux Data

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Rawinsonde Observations

ARM-1997 SGP IOP Field Campaign