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GCSS-DIME Homepage


The Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison (ARCMIP) aims to improve the simulation of the Arctic regional climate in numerical models. The primary ARCMIP activities focus on coordinated simulations by different regional climate models and general circulation models, whose output are compared and evaluated using observations from satellites, in situ measurements and field experiments.

Cloud and radiative flux data are now available at NCAR. Satellite retrievals from ISCCP and CASPR have been processed and re-gridded onto a 50km arctic EASE grid. The temporal coverage includes that of the SHEBA time period (Sep. 1997 - Sep. 1998). The data are stored for easy access in gzipped NetCDF files and can be ordered at the following URL:

Please reference the "readme" files provided for each dataset for further details on the datasets and their format.

If you have any questions about the data itself, please contact Mat Rothstein.